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Moneytun Money Transfers is a registered trademark of Moneytun LLC, a Nevada corporation registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a Money Service Business (MSB) and licensed in Nevada and California as a Money Transmitter. Established in 2007, Moneytun offers the simplest, fastest, most reliable money transfer service to 150+ countries around the globe, with over 200,000 payout locations.

Moneytun provides global reach and worldwide access to customers through a network of leading partner banks and financial institutions, and the company utilizes state-of-the-art financial & IT systems to accomplish its goals of superior service, leading security, and intuitive understanding of client needs. Anywhere in the world Moneytun customers go, they're never far from a money transfer network that is reliable, safe, and convenient.

Company History

Moneytun was created initially to assist small communities and individuals with remittance services localized to Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, and CIS nations. The company still has a major presence regionally, including the largest and most reliable remittance service for Armenians and Armenian-Americans to send and receive money transfers. Many smaller communities rely on Moneytun for a variety of transfer and payment options available nowhere else.

Building on a reputation for reliability and supportive, friendly customer service, Moneytun has grown to become a major international money transmitting hub with the capacity to connect people, businesses, and organizations around the world. The company still offers unequaled service for customers sending money to or from Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, and CIS nations, while it simultaneously helps customers around the world move money across borders with less complexity, superior safety, and great rates every time. 

Moneytun knows what it means to put customer money first and service needs above all else. The company looks forward to continuing to lead the money transfer services industry by example, with performance that is always affordable, convenient, and dependable.


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Moneytun is now sending money to Nepal.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!
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Starting June 1st 2017, Moneytun has deployed an Armenian version of its remittance software.
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