All financial institutions are required by law to have policies regarding the collection and disclosure of “nonpublic personal information.”  Moneytun is considered a financial institution under law.  We obtain nonpublic personal information about our consumers through our money transfer processes.  Because of this, your security is of utmost importance to us.  Moneytun is licensed by the Nevada Department of Financial Institutions and we take your security very seriously.  Moneytun does not collect any personal information that is not necessary to facilitate the consumer’s money transactions.  We also do not collect or purchase nonpublic information about consumers elsewhere.

We may need to disclose some or all of your information to employees, independent contractors or service providers.  In some instances we may need to have access to this information to process transactions.  We may be required to disclose certain information as required or permitted under law to governmental agencies.  This allows us to maintain physical, electronic, procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard nonpublic personal information.   

The types of personal information that we may require include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Identification numbers such as driver license and/or ID cards,  social security or taxpayer identification numbers may need to be required
  • Secondary Identification may include bank statements, utility bills, student card, birth certificate and any major credit card.
 Moneytun is committed to ensuring the security of all information that is gathered.  To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, maintain accuracy and ensure the proper use of information.  Moneytun has established procedures to safeguard and secure your information that is collected. 

All locations feature security cameras and alarms for the peace of mind and safety of our customers. Moneytun is constantly working to ensure the security of their client’s information and additional security methods are constantly being added and modified. 

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Starting June 1st 2017, Moneytun has deployed an Armenian version of its remittance software.
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